At the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, we aren’t just a zoo. We’re the home of family fun – of inspiration and discovery, education and conservation, and unparalleled care for the Earth’s wildlife. For over 100 years, our mission has been to create engaging and educational guest experiences, fund programs to improve the lives of animals everywhere, and instill a passion for conservation in the lives of others.

Through hard work and generous community support, we've grown to become a world-class institution. We need your help to keep going.


The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is 1 of only 7 zoos in the United States with an animal wellness team, helping provide the very best care for our animals.

Animal Wellness

Expansions & Improvements

We recently announced a 10-year zoo development plan, aimed at improving guest experiences, education and training programs, and animal wellness.

Field Conservation

The Zoo donates $4 of every membership sold to worldwide conservation efforts. Over 45 conservation programs are supported regionally and globally.

To date, over $1.25 MILLION has been donated to field conservation

Manatee Rescue

We are home to the only Manatee Critical Care Center in Northeast Florida, providing lifesaving care and rehabilitation services.

In addition to conservation funding, each year the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens donates tickets to local nonprofit organizations supporting our community.

Charitable Giving

tickets donated to local nonprofits annually


Exceptional Care

We currently provide the best care possible to over 2,000 rare and exotic animals and 1,000 plant species from around the globe.

Accredited Facility

Association of Zoos and Aquariums accredited for over 26 years, in recognition of our high standards in animal welfare and conservation.

Education Initiatives

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens proudly hosts both on-campus and outreach educational programming to school-age children and adults.

Family Programs

Our early-childhood programs, like Nature's Newbies, Outdoor Explore!, and Zoo Tots, help connect families and introduce children to the natural world.

Community Engagement

The Citizen Science program allows community members to directly participate in research and conservation-based activities at the Zoo.

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Attend a special dinner prepared by Executive Director Tony Vecchio, with exciting animal enrichment activities and the chance to learn about our conservation initiatives.

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